Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A Tribute to my Mama
Lora R. McLeod

Now i believe that Mother's Day should be everyday. I dont understand why there is always a 2 hour wait at all the local restaurants or why flowers cost you double. Like you should show your mama love everyday. But, to go along with the flow of our backwards society I would like to wish my educated, strong, black, god fearing, outspoken mother a Happy's Mother's Day!!!!

I thank god everyday for blessing me with a mother like her. She is the true definition of what any mother should be. She puts her family first before anyone or anything. She has morals and stands by them daily. She gave my brother and I a great childhood full of laughter and joy. She gave us such a great childhood that sometimes i wish that i was still a child just to go back to Sesame Place or ride bikes or go to Disney World.

Now we dont always agree now that i am a young adult but i tell you one thing if anyone ever talks about my mama it will be World War 3. She is my heart and my best friend. So this Sunday i will celebrate her and all that she has done for me and the inspiration that she has been in my life. Now if you still didn't get the Hallmark card or dozen roses you better go out and get your mama or grandmama, or big mama down the street a love gift. Life is too short so we must celebrate all mothers who have loved us and supported us even when we didn't deserve it cause you know we can act up sometimes. So run to hallmark or your nearest florist to show that special lady in your life some appreciation. Be blessed and have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

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