Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother's Day Edition...

Nikki Giovanni

( A mother, writer, poet, author, and professor)

As Mother Day approaches it is imperative of me to highlight some of our society's most influential women who are writers, poets, authors, career women and and most importantly mothers. Starting this week up until Mothers Day I will highlight a talented, educated and dedicated woman who has inspired her community to achieve success through writing and teaching. This week I will talk about the famous Nikki Giovanni.

Nikki Giovanni is a Grammy –nominated American Poet, activist and author. Giovanni is currently a Distinguished Professor of English at Virginia Tech. In 1960 she began her studies at Fisk University . She graduated in 1967 with honors, receiving a B.A. in history. Afterwards she went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. In 1969 Giovanni began teaching at Livingston College of Rutgers University.

The Civil Rights and the Black Power Movement inspired a lot of her early poetry that was collected in Black Feeling, Black Talk (1967), Black Judgement (1968), and Re: Creation (1970). She has since written more than two dozen books including volumes of poetry, illustrated children's books, and three collections of essays.

While writing Giovanni gave birth to her only child named Thomas Watson Giovanni, on August 31, 1962. She later stated that she had a child out of wedlock at twenty-five because she "wanted to have a baby and could afford to have a baby.” Giovanni has been quoted saying, "I just can't imagine living without him. But I can live without the revolution, without world socialism, women's lib...I have a child. My responsibilities have changed.”

Interesting Facts:

Thug Life Tattoo- Nikki has a tattoo saying “Thug Life” to honor Tupac Shakur.

Professor at Virginia Tech- She taught Seung-Hui Cho (the mastermind behind the 2007 Virginia Tech Killing Spree) in her poetry class and described him as mean and wanted him to be removed from her class.

Diagnosed with Lung Cancer- In 1995 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery to remove her entire lung. Her mother and sister died from lung cancer.

Name-Yolande Cornelia "Nikki" Giovanni

Birthday- June 7, 1943

So let’s salute a powerful, educated, and brave Mother. Nikki Giovanni should inspire all mothers to strive for excellence!!!! Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!

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