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Nicole Little holds many titles, daughter, friend, sister and now is adding published author to her list. Check out how she is keeping up ………….

What is the name and title of your debut book ?

Heartfelt: A Collection of Poems by Nicole D. Little and Lora R. McLeod

What inspired you to create a book of poems?

I have always loved to write. That's why I chose Journalism as a major at Hampton University. In High School I entered writing contests and wrote for my school newspaper. This book started from fun and leisure. Then as I continued to write I wanted to do a book about real life and the things that human beings experience or witness. I actually was inspired by a lady from my church who quit her corporate job at Merrill Lynch to write books and start her own publishing company. While speaking to her one day she said, "If you want to accomplish something in life, accomplish it now. Don't wait until you are 30 and 40 years old." Her words woke me up and inspired me. From that day forward I decided that I wanted to publish a book and I wasn't going to wait.

This book was created with you and your mom. How was that and how did the idea come about?

Well basically I told her that I wanted to publish a book and she wanted to get on board. Since she is my mother I couldn't tell her no. I'm only joking but anyway she writes great and her poems are really deep. I thought that it would be a great idea to have my mother write a couple of poems for my first book.

What type of relationship do you and your mom have?

We have always had a close mother/daughter relationship. She has always been my #1 supporter in all that I have done. She's not only my mother but I consider her to be my best friend. She keeps me grounded and when I get off track in life she is the one person who can get me back on track.

What is the message you want readers to get after reading the poems?

The message is that we all go through things in life and we all have to overcome obstacles. At 23 years old I have witnessed a lot. There is a lot that I haven't witnessed but there is a lot that I have witnessed. I just wanted people to know that they are not alone in this crazy world and there is always room for change in your life. There is always room to gain knowledge and learn not only from others but from yourself. Actually the greatest teacher on this earth will be YOU and the experiences YOU go through.

What is your favorite poem? Why?

Awww man I have a lot. This is a hard question. So, I will name the ones I really like. Diva Gals, When He Cheated, When She Cheated, and Just Be. I actually like Diva Gals the most because it's a poem for the ladies. Its a poem honoring all my Divas. Divas just don't dress nice or look nice but they are educated and hard working women. I also love a couple that my mother wrote. Here they are: Why Wont You Listen?, Can't You Hear?, My Nieces My Queens, and The Beautiful Women in our Family.

What are a few of your dreams, aspirations or goals?

Well, this will not be my only book for sure. I would like to do another book of poems within the next 2 years. I would also like to write a couple of novels down the road. My main goal is to write for a major magazine within the music/fashion industry and maybe one day creating a magazine of my own.The sky is the limit and I will make sure that everyday counts. Thanks so much for the love and support!!! You can find my book and make a purchase at, or


  1. Wow! All I can say is that I really admire your Go Getter attitude and I noticed that you are a fellow HBCU grad... I'm right there with you girl! You have inspired me to go ahead and get my stuff together too as far as book publishing is concerned as well as my documentary! This is definitely some great advice! Keep it coming!

    Purple Reels "The Go Getter"

  2. Thanks girl!!! I'm just trying to make it in our society you know. I feel like in order to be successful we must fight for it and keep moving forward regardless of what is presented to us. If you have any questions with getting published feel free to hit me up. And I love my HBCU'S...GO GIRL...LOL