Friday, February 20, 2009

Highlighted Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Eric Jerome Dickey

One of my favorite authors is Eric Jerome Dickey. Eric Jerome Dickey is a New York Times best-selling African American author best known for his novels about contemporary life within the black community. He is also known for writing several crime novels involving ex cons and assassins.

It was 1997 when i brought his book Friends and Lovers. As soon as i got through the first chapter i was hooked. I loved the way he manipulated and utilized certain words. The book used very descriptive vocabulary and made you feel like you were a character in the book. I couldn't put the book down. I automatically became a fan of his work. The next two books I brought were Milk in my Coffee and Cheaters. Cheaters became an automatic success for him. I remember everyone talking about it and how they could relate to it. Dickey practically put out a book every year since those first couple of books. I wonder how he did it? How did he find the time? If anyone catches up with him tell him that i would like to sit down with him to find out his recipe for success.

Dickey has also ventured out into comedy and the movie world. Eric Jerome Dickey is one of the best authors of his time. If you have read any of his books please feel free to comment on the ones that you really liked. Have a great weekend!!!! His bibliography is below!!!!


Dying for Revenge (November 2008)
Pleasure (April 2008)
Waking With Enemies (August 2007)
Sleeping With Strangers (April 2007)
Chasing Destiny (May 2006)
Voices from the Other Side: Dark Dreams II (April 2006) - contributing writer
Genevieve (May 2005)
Drive Me Crazy (July 2004)
Naughty or Nice (October 2003)
The Other Woman (May, 2003)
Gumbo: A Celebration of African American Writing (2002) - contributing writer
Thieves' Paradise (2002)
Black Silk (2002)
Griots Beneath the Baobab: Tales from Los Angeles (2002) - contributing writer
Between Lovers (2001)
Mothers and Sons(2001) - contributing writer
Got To Be Real (2000) - contributing writer
Liars Game (2000)
Cheaters (1999)
Milk In My Coffee (1998)
Friends & Lovers (1997)
Sister, Sister (1996)
Cappuccino (Movie)

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