Friday, February 13, 2009

Highlighted Author: Faith Evans

Keep the Faith…A Memoir
Book Review

So, I saw Notorious a couple weeks ago. For those who do not know it is the movie mapping out the life story of Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious Biggie Smalls. I felt like the movie could have added things that the media or average people that were not close to Big didn’t know. The movie showed us everything that we already knew. I felt like the producer which was mainly Mama Wallace should have also added in key players such as Jay-z and Tiffany Lane aka Charli Baltimore. Being that they showcased Faith Evans, Lil Kim and Biggie’s love affair they should have added in Charli Baltimore who was his girlfriend at the time of his death.

But, before I saw the movie I read Faith Evans book which is Keep the Faith: A Memoir. I never really knew about her life before and after Biggie but the book gives it all and more. To some Faith is a very talented and soulful artist who fell in love with one of the best rappers that hip hop has ever seen. To others she may be a gold-digger who jumped on an opportunity to wed the biggest east coast rapper ever and caused a deadly feud between two of the biggest rappers in our history.

From reading the book, I believe that she was just a young artist on the rise that fell in love with a witty, intelligent, street-smart artist. Biggie was definitely not a Brad Pitt of the rap game but to everyone that got to know him he had a great comical personality that could win over practically anyone. To me the book not only talks about her relationship with Big but it talks about her story, the story everyone does not know about. Being that she is from the state that I was born and raised in at some point I began to feel like I was in her shoes. I related to her and the way she grew up. The book starts off by introducing the readers to her family, neighborhood and church beginnings. The book highlights her ups, her downs and her rise to the top. I believe the book does a great job at painting a picture for its readers.

Faith is a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter and last but not least the first lady of hip hop. She will never forget Big and the rest of the world won't either but her life is and was so much more then just her relationship with him. If you read the book I hope you enjoyed it and if you don't have a copy yet you should go get one!! It's a great read and if you have any interest in hip hop you would enjoy it.
I would like to know some of your thoughts about the book and or the movie?

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