Friday, February 6, 2009

No Average Thinking!!!

Success + Average dosen't make sense!!!!

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Leadership is the challenge to be something more than Average

Jim Rohn (American speaker and Author. He is famous for motivational audio programs for Business and Life.)

What makes you different from the next man or woman? What makes you stand out? Why do you think that the poor and middle class out number the rich and upper class? Why do you think that at a company there is 1 manager to 15 or more employees? Why do you think that we have one President of the United States?

The answer is that so many of us are so caught up with our daily routines that we forget about achieving success. I think we forget about our dreams and aspirations. Anyone who has a little education, self worth and a little pride wants to succeed but everyone doesn’t know how to succeed. That’s why the successful are outnumbered. Now being successful to one person may not mean being successful to another person. Actually, everyone looks at success differently. But, to me being successful means to first love and know you. Once you love yourself you will know your self worth and then you will also know what you bring to the table. You will know what makes you different and what seperates you from the rest. Once you know that you are different from everybody else you can achieve success by always trying new and different things to get new and different outcomes. I believe that a person can not reach success by being average.

Average is doing the ordinary. Average consists of doing things that we are used to doing or comfortable with doing. Let me just tell you folks doing average things will get you average results. Let’s try to think outside of the box and do things that we are not comfortable with. Let’s do things that will separate us from the rest. God bless and have a great weekend!!! See ya next week and try not to be average!!! I think President Barack Obama has showed us that it is ok to think outside of the box and to do things that we are not comfortable with. Let's think outside the box!!! Love you all!!!


  1. I think you hit on something when u said it matters what success is to you. What if you have a family who lives in a nice middle class home have good paying jobs and love what they do are they just average to you and do that mean they are not successful? I myself don't know the answer to that but what i do know is what would be sucess for me we all come from different places and don't look at the world the same so jusy making out of high school might be a big deal to someone. who are we to tell that person they just average when we haven't walked a day in their shoes. I think you right you got to love yourself and know what you want out of life and not worry about the next man just do you and success will come

  2. Yea exactly success to me means something totally different from someone else. I can't tell you how to be successful or what success means. I just know what it means to me. I just know what I want and what I want to accomplish. But i think at any level being successful calls for us to be different and above average.